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Crypto Asset Management (CAM) system provider 1Token recently announced a service agreement with US FoF/MoM (Fund of Funds, Manager of Managers) NamNar Alternatives Fund LP as another footprint in North America, to provide crypto fund middle back office system including portfolio management system (PMS), risk management system (RMS), fee accounting (clearing/settlement) on flexible terms with user access hierarchies.

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1Token CAM system has been supporting 15 top financial institutions in the crypto market, either independent institution or subsidiary of exchanges, across Asia to North America.

1Token CAM is a mature system with a specific solution to buy-side such as quant teams/fund / FoF / MoM, crypto asset manager, institutional Defi investor/yield farmer, mining pool / institutional miner, RIAs, and sell-side such as prime brokerage, lending platform, structured product seller, OTC platform, which significantly drives operational efficiency and delivers high-quality performance.


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