4 Tips for Improving How You Ship Products to Customers




When you are running a business and ship out products or other things to customers, you will want to make sure that your shipping is the best in the business. Subpar shipping, like slow shipping or packaging that is not done well, can lead to your customers finding another company to do business with. You need to up your shipping game to ensure that your customers are satisfied and your products get where they need to go safely.

1. Standardized Packaging

While customized packaging may be cool, and you might think it is a unique selling feature, the truth is that you are wasting money and time. Customized packaging does nothing but waste time and energy. Instead of doing something custom, you will just want to do standardized packaging with no frills. Customers want their products, and studies have shown in the past that they really could care less about how it is packaged. As long as the product gets there in one piece and gets there quickly, your customer is going to be happy no matter what you send the package in. Research some standardized packaging options and go from there.

2. Researching Your Couriers

Do not jump into shipping items with just one courier. For example, if you decide to just use the United States Postal Service, you may be in for a rude awakening when it comes time to ship your products. If you have a heavy object, the USPS is not going to be able to deliver it for you.

They simply do not have the vehicles for it or the manpower. Let us say, for example, you need to ship a car across the country, you are not going to be able to do that with USPS, UPS, or even FedEx. The same goes for heavy pieces of furniture and even home décor. You will want to find a courier that works best with all your products. You will also need to consider things like scheduling, location, and how fast they ship.

Another thing that you will need to make sure of is to ensure that the courier is able to handle fragile products if you sell those. There are many horror stories of fragile products being shipped and then broken. Read reviews on each shipping courier to see which one best fits all of your business needs. You will also want to look at the various shipping rates each courier has. You can compare the shipping rates so that you can make the best decision for your shipping that will work within your budget. Having a good courier will help to ensure that your products get to your customer quickly and safely.

3. Consider Using Third Party Warehousing

If you want to increase the efficiency of your shipping, you can consider using third-party warehousing. There are many companies out there that offer warehousing. They can work with you and ship out your shipments. They can help you to work on improving your overall business processes instead of having to worry about shipping. To find the right warehouse, you will want to take your time and read reviews for each company that you are considering to ensure that they will work well with your business.

4. Set Goals For Your Shipping

Your employees need goals to make sure that products are shipped out on time. You will want to set goals to ensure that everyone works hard to get the products out the door and shipped quickly. You can do things like incentives for the employees that get their products shipped out the quickest. Or you can set a goal for the entire company, and if that goal is met, vacation time or a party can be done.

Celebrating your team for getting the shipments out quickly can help them to know that they are appreciated. They will be happy to get products out quicker, and it will also help provide employee retention in the future. By getting your team to step it up when getting your products out can help to ensure that your customers get the products quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking to improve your shipping times, following the tips above can help to ensure that your products are reaching your customers quickly and safely. Remember to find the best courier out there, get standardized packaging, consider third-party warehousing, and set goals for your employees.






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