A Popular Analyst List Out The Assets To Watch In May


Altcoins That May Hit New ATH in May!

Since the past fortnight, many large and small market cap gems rallied high forming a new milestone. However, the Altcoin season is believed to have initiated with the jump in the Ethereum price.

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A popular analyst and the Managing Partner at MoonrockCapital, Simon Dedic, lists out 5 cryptocurrencies that may form new ATH in May 2021. 

The analyst predicts Ethereum price will hit $5000 whereas BNB price may also rally to hit $1000 levels by the end of May 2021. 

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 Altcoin Season Underway!

The altcoin season is said to have started as most of the top 100 cryptocurrencies are now a billion dollar asset. Moreover, many of the altcoins have even surpassed their previous ATH and formed new highs in the recent rally. 

As the Bitcoin dominance rate kept sliding, the Altcoin space has strengthened itself to manifest a growing dominancy and extended user adoption. Additionally, Ethereum price is expected to keep the bullish momentum intact to propel high. As most of the altcoins are expected to surge with the ETH price flow jumping towards the north. 

Collectively, the altcoin season is expected to go parabolic as most of the altcoins are expected to discover new highs. No doubt analyst Simon listed the coins to have a watch in the currency month. Yet there are many other promising projects with strong fundamentals, and may also rally towards new high.

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