Cheap Cryptocurrencies You Should Invest in Right Now




The huge rally of Bitcoin has had a big impact on the larger cryptocurrency market recently, signaling the largest monthly gain in the crypto market’s history. This had lead many investors on the search for the best cheap cryptocurrencies to invest in. This guide offers you examples of some of the best cheap cryptocurrencies you should invest in right now.



A cryptocurrency that started off as a joke between two programmers in 2014 has come into the spotlight recently, dubbed ‘the meme coin’, Dogecoin saw a huge surge in price after Elon Musk tweeted about it. The currency has since dropped back to almost 50% less than it was at its high. While this coin is a famous internet joke, the rise in prices is very real, those interested might want to get in on the low before Elon Musk decides to make another infamous tweet.



VeChain is an interesting coin. Its creators were one of the first blockchain technology companies in the world, and it is a very reasonably priced coin for the potential that it has. It grew from about $0.012 to $0.05 during the recent crypto rally, but experts have seen that coming for years as governments around the world have expressed interest in using VeChain to track their commodities and luxury items. This is a big deal in China, where the Chinese government is actively looking for a blockchain solution to track legitimate luxury goods like Champagne as they move across the supply chain. If they find a way, it will mean fake luxury goods could soon be history, and if VeChain is the way to do that, it will shoot up massively in price. As a result, maybe think of VeChain as more similar to a SPAC in your strategy. Make sure you keep up with the signals, too – is a good place to go for signals that can indicate these sorts of huge deals.



Ripple has missed out on the most recent crypto rally, making it a good choice for investors looking for long-term potential. Ripple value has decreased as it is facing increasing pressure from an SEC lawsuit. The SEC is stating that Ripple’s currency is a ‘security’ and therefore requires greater regulation. This ongoing battle with the SEC means that Ripple’s potential will be limited in 2021, but investors privy to options calls might find it a juicy opportunity.



NEM has seen an increase in value in 2021, from $0.20 to $0.80; however, its value has decreased slightly recently and is currently floating at $0.60. The reason that you should consider investing in this currency is due to its relatively low fame. Still, somewhat out of the mainstream, NEM is going to launch its new symbol blockchain soon, so investors should try and get in before this upsurge.



Tron is a decentralized platform that uses peer-to-peer technology founded in 2018. Tron has experienced a few price swings over the last few years, but experts believe that it is going to become more stable over 2021. Tron has three major upcoming phases; Apollo is set for mid-2021, Start Trek for 2023, and Eternity for 2025. These phases will increase the value of the currency, making it a smart investment to make now and hold on to.


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