CoinMarketCap Pricing Data is Now Integrated into Yahoo Finance



CoinMarketCap Pricing Data is Now Integrated into Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance, known as a large U.S. financial media company has recently integrated its site with CoinMarketCap (CMC). Now, the visitors of the news site are able to see data about crypto prices provided by the largest company in the field. The partnership was announced today, November 21, by Verizon Media, which owns Yahoo Finance, and CMC.

According to the official reports, the new page will show 118 tokens, including the most important ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Tether. These prices account for over 90% of the global, as most of the tokens listed are the ones with a bigger market cap, therefore being the valuable ones. Right now, CMC has almost 5,000 tokens listed, but most are “dead” tokens.

The media site will also add crypto indices now, the Crypto 200 and the Crypto 200 EX.

CMC Will Also Provide Educational Sources for Yahoo

Another important aspect of this partnership is that CMC will provide educational information about the markets for Yahoo Finance. The daily newsletter will be integrated into Yahoo’s news stream because of this.

The general manager of technology at Verizon Media, Joanna Lambert, affirmed that the partnership with CMC will be important to get reliable information about the crypto market that will help the media group to meet the needs of its sophisticated audience.

Yahoo Finance has been focused on the crypto world for quite a while, reporting on it since before 2017. Last year, the company even integrated BTC, ETH and LTC trading on its official platform.


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