LTC Halving is a 3 Days Away (This is Like a Test for BTC Halving)



The Litecoin (LTC) halving is 3 days away. In many ways this can be seen as a test of what might with BTC halving.

So far what we have seen in terms of price is the market rally for months up until about month ahead of the halving, and then remain strong (after a correction) into the halving.

How will the cut in the issuance rate impact mining and how will that impact price? That has yet to be seen. If it is anything like last time the most exciting price action happens going into the halving and not directly after. However, we don’t have many instances to watch, so this one and what happens counts.

Point being, the LTC halving is almost upon us and since LTC is halving well before BTC, we can get a sense of what might be in store for BTC.

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