The Etherian: Sunday, April 23rd, 2017



AKASHA – Social Media Network
  • No News to report waiting for updates that should come in the near future.

Augur – Prediction Market

BasicAttentionToken – Blockchain Based Digital Advertising

  • Added slack this week to chat for BAT – ask any questions at their new slack channel.
  • Post on reddit by BAT official seems to point at update ICO in the next few weeks.

Casper (Dev Channel) – Proof of Stake Protocol

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  • Spreadsheet to calculate gas costs for validating.
  • Casper Standup 2
  • Discussion over the ideal erasure code to use, ultimately Vitalik is hopeful that we can have all the data in a simple linear merkle tree. Note this is not needed in “base Casper” but becomes relevant with sharding and more specifically sharding with light clients.
  • Nick Johnson: “Blocks are only finalised if a majority of participating validators finalise them, though. So you can’t have a secret cartel of validators maintaining a different chain”

  • Funny-looking diagram of The Fisherman’s Dilemma
  • Lamport hash ladder signatures for Casper validators

    Vitalik Buterin: 107583 gas for verification plus ~71679 for the sig data for 160 bits security.

ChronoBank – Labour Hour Stable Coins

Colony – Decentralized Collaboration Network
  • Beta invites sent out to initial testers

Digix – Asset (Gold) Backed Tokens
  • Blog Post: TECH DEV UPDATE — 22nd Apr 2017
  • Blog Post: DigixDAO — Governance / Reward claiming Process
  • @hitchcott re: ETC withdrawl

    we’ve talked to the exchanges about it, yunbi/gatecoin are cool with it and will probably just credit their users at that specific block. not sure if we heard back from bittrex yet, but we’ll work with them

  • Anthem Gold vs Digix SWOT analysis.
  • KC Chng re: demurage fees:

    Hello yes there are ways to the demurrage effect to keep dgx demurrage free but to a ratio, has been discussed and there is a solution. There can be two types of tokens in existence, one where it’s the traditional dgx token, the other which is a dgx-dem free token derived from dgx so users can choose which they prefer. In terms of redesign, the architecture has already been addressed as per the post, it won’t take long as the only portion left is refactoring it. This design will also be less complicated than previously which may reduce audit time, hence the roadmap isn’t likely to change drastically.

  • KC Chng: The entire vendor registry and management system is developed in house and will not be open to the public at the moment.

Ethereum Name Service – Decentralized Name Service
  • Latest update on bug bounty here.
  • Token sale will initiate after bug bounty and cleanup is finished.

Etherplay – The Transparent Skill Game Platform
  • Released our tool to read ethereum blockchain on github : ethreader. Allow to programmatically analyse transactions with abi method names and parameter names

Ethlance – Decentralized freelancing platform with 0% fee
  • Still brewing that whitepaper among some other major announcements.

FirstBlood – Decentralized E-Sports Rewards Platform
  • Alpha testing going well.
  • Auryn Macmillan: For the time being, the alpha is limited to those who successfully participated in the pre-sale.

  • Coin Interview with
  • Zack Coburn: It [witness node software] will run on basically everything, including Windows, OS X, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi (so system requirements will be very very low).

Giveth – Crowd Funded Donation Dapp|Check out the github at
  • Griff Green – We are still reworking our Vault Controller and will be testing it for the next month. This week we are also collaborating with to help them set up a Giveth Campaign.

Gnosis – Prediction Market

Golem – Distributed Computing Power
  • Blog: Announcing the Pirx testnet and a Windows release!
  • Golem does not work with any of the exchanges and does not review their code, even though they have ocasionally found bugs.
  • No other news to report on but there is allot of cool things to read in the blog.

ICONOMI – Digital Asset Management Platform
  • Q1 report is coming before April ends and a monthly Q&A has been proposed.
  • Comunication remains slow.

MakerDAO – Stable Token and Decentralized Marketplace

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  • Diligently working on SAI and forthcoming marketing push

MelonPort – “Blockchain Software for Asset Management”

Status – Mobile Ethereum OS

Swarm – Serverless Hosting, Incentivised P2P Storage/Content Distribution

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SingularDTV – Rights Management and Video On-Demand Portal

UjoMusic – Decentralized Music Platform

Follow UjoMusic's blog at

  • Q1 Update
  • Pivoting architecture to be more inclusive of peers (uPort and others) who share the vision for an open music industry.
  • Drafting experimental designs in using tokenized models:
    • fostering standards-compliant metadata (eg COALA IP)
    • sharing said metadata (into IPFS/IPDB/Mediachain/Swarm)
    • making sure to re-use and define what is valid metadata
  • Exploring concepts such as continuous token models and curation communities with experiments rolling out soon!

uPort – Self-Sovereign Identity

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WeTrust – Trusted Lending Circles

Matchpool – Decentralized Matchmaking


  • Big thanks to Evan Van Ness for featuring us in his weekly post, please give him a subscription to his weekly email newsletter. His weekly post is the most in-depth and informative look into the ethereum ecosystem you’re going to get. Here’s a link to his site:
  • A nod of appreciation to @3esmit for putting so much work into our internal Etherian participation token.
  • Big thanks to Joe Urgo for featuring us in his daily post, The Dapp Daily. He just posted this excellent Ethereum Reading List For Prospective Dapp Developers
  • Check out State of dApps for a curated list of all dApps


  • ChaceHunter: Swarm, Status, Colony, WeTrust, ChronoBank, UjoMusic, Gnosis, MakerDAO
  • truewavebreak: ICONOMI, Golem, Augur, AKASHA, MelonPort
  • MrNebbiolo: uPort, Casper, FirstBlood, Digix
  • PΞther: Ethlance, SingularDTV, ChronoBank, Gnosis, WeTrust, Matchpool
  • pablanopete: Brave (BasicAttentionToken), Giveth, ENS
  • wighawag: Etherplay

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