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Sunday the 2nd (Coverage: 3.26.2017-4.02.2017)
AKASHA – Social Media Network

Augur – Prediction Market
  • List of Ropsten contract addresses.
  • @micah: [regarding Augur as competition to FirstBlood] One could argue that you could do esports betting on Augur, and in the face of zero competition in that space it could be used for that, but Augur won’t have the level of integration into eSports to make it really a good choice.

BasicAttentionToken – Blockchain Based Digital Advertising
  • Mar 23rd announcement from the creator of javascript himself. Brendan Eich –Here
  • Brendan Eich: Today, we are announcing a new blockchain-based digital advertising platform using an innovative, Ethereum-based unit of exchange called the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

    • The existing digital advertising marketplace injures key stakeholders. The introduction of BAT allows publishers, advertisers, and users to connect in a more efficient, transparent and decentralized marketplace that reduces fraud, privacy violations, and malvertisements while increasing publisher revenue.
    • BATs are based on user attention, which is really just focused mental engagement.
    • BATs will be made available for crowdsale in the near future.

Casper (Dev Channel) – Proof of Stake Protocol

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  • Vitalik Buterin: so I realized that the viper contract may need a bit more work basically, the challenge is this scenario you see 2/3 prepares you commit then there is a short-range fork, and in the fork 2/3 prepares don’t appear until the epoch ends right now, those prepares cannot get included so you need to be able to process prepares even if they come too late at least for the purpose of evaluating slashing conditions on commits what this also implies is that you need to be able to tell at any point in the future whether or not a given validator was in a given dynasty.

ChronoBank – Labour Hour Stable Coins

Colony – Decentralized Collaboration Network
  • Still undergoing product testing before closed beta (~10 users)

Digix – Asset (Gold) Backed Tokens

Ethlance – Decentralized freelancing platform with 0% fee
  • As more free-lancers and employers join the platform, the team pushes on with development.

FirstBlood – Decentralized E-Sports Rewards Platform
  • Blog Post: FirstBlood Announces Partnership with Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC)
  • Update regarding the alpha coming on Thursday.
  • auryn_macmillan: We’re in a very limited alpha right now, but plan to open it up to a much larger group of pre-sale participants and users who signed up for the alpha already in the very near future.

  • auryn_macmillan: We have not released a feature roadmap just yet. But there will be some more clarity when we open up the alpha to the next round of users.

  • PSA: Please do not discuss trading 1ST on the FirstBlood Slack Channel.
  • At some point there will be a public testnet to test the witness-node system.
  • For those who need a refresher on how 1ST works, here is an old video explaining.
  • Expect the number of alpha users to increase in April.

Giveth – Crowd Funded Donation DappCheck out the github at
  • [Griff Green] – -Giveth is an open source smart contract platform taking charitable donations to the next level! This platform enables transparency and accountability for P2P donations, and aims to build communities around changing the world for the better! The Giveth Core Team hopes that one day soon, charities, non-profits and open source development projects will be using Giveth’s smart contracts and UIs to fund powerful projects that can bring REAL change. The system of charitable donations we have today is ready for a massive evolution. Bitcoin made a major step forward, allowing money to be sent directly to those in need, Giveth adds Ethereum-based smart contracts to kick it up a notch ;-)!

Gnosis – Prediction Market
  • Gnosis ICO Prediction Market
    • In April :~81% chance
    • In May: ~11% chance
    • In June: ~1% chance
    • After June ~7% chance
  • Announcement on ICO Tuesday April 4th
    • every participant will get the same price (no bonuses for no one) We have not sold a single token yet.
    • the % which the team will keep is flexible and only has a lower cap of 10%. We set a cap (~250,000ETH if the prices stays at ~$50) and we will create 10M tokens in total. Now if people are willing to pay a high price per token – this would mean that we need to sell less to reach the cap -> the Gnosis company will keep a higher number of Gnosis token.
    • only ETH, but with ShapeShift integration
  • How to Gnosis

Golem – Distributed Computing Power

@wp: This is very simplified, but 1 GNT today costs roughly $0.05. If your electricity cost = $0.20 per kwh, then electricity cost = 4 GNT/kwh. (i.e. $0.20/$0.05). Assume your electricity cost in 5 years in fiat terms won’t cost much more than today, say $0.25/kwh. But let’s say, hypothetically, in 5 years, GNT is double today’s price. Therefore, in 5 years, electricity will cost 2.5 GNT/kwh (i.e. $0.25/$0.10). In other words, by holding GNT, you would be able to buy almost twice as much kwh of electricity in 5 years given these assumptions. There are implicit assumptions here too, but for the sake of simplicity, I omitted them. And of course, the electricity which you have purchased will be in the form of compute power.

  • Goal is for first iteration of Golem (Brass) to be ready for commercial use by the end of June.

ICONOMI – Digital Asset Management Platform

MakerDAO – Stable Token and Decentralized Marketplace

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  • Maker Meeting Notes 2017 March 26th
  • Are there any plans for making contracts cheaper?
    • ryepdx: Sharding will likely make interactions within a shard cheaper than they would be on a unified blockchain (as exists now). Fees will never be entirely eliminated, but there are plans to allow contracts to pay for their own gas, which would eliminate fees for end users. (Such contracts will have to be carefully constructed, I imagine, to eliminate the possibility of being drained via “spam” invocations. Not sure what the specifics are, TBH.)

  • Next TeamSpeak meeting here April 2rd at 16:00 UTC

MelonPort – “Blockchain Software for Asset Management”

Status – Mobile Ethereum OS
  • In no way affiliated with status”.io”
  • Ethereum DApp Creators // Issue #04 Project Oaken
  • Ethereum Contributors Series // Issue #04 MrYukonC / Brian Lawson
  • The Status UI Refresh: Chats, Contacts & Profile
  • How do you plan on getting people to use and download the app?
    • carl: We’ll use a number of different acquisition channels, it’s wise not to plan around a single means of user acquisition until you have existing data sets to work with.

    • Paid user acquisition – Ad networks (display and search), and referral programs
    • Organic user acquisition – App Store optimisation (ASO)
    • Will also introduce a referral system at some point, comparable to that of dropbox/airbnb/uber
  • New slack channel #status-token created for anything related to forthcoming token
  • Likely 2 contribution periods dependant on meeting compliance and security standards
    • First at end of Q2/early Q3 2017
    • Second in 2018 based upon reaching certain milestones

Swarm – Serverless Hosting, Incentivised P2P Storage/Content Distribution

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  • Revised roadmap
  • April/May sprint details
  • POC 0.3 target is Metropolis in June
  • Obfuscation brings plausible deniability
  • Team of paid core contributors now at 8 with a halo of volunteers and partner projects (Status, Raiden, JAAK, LivePeer)
  • working with Heiko & brainbot towards pss integration as networking layer for Raiden 2
  • full FUSE integration coming in a few weeks makes dropbox a reality
  • collaboration with livepeer to make swatch (efficient multicast streaming for realtime broadcast and conferencing) a reality sooner

SingularDTV – Rights Management and Video On-Demand Portal

UjoMusic – Decentralized Music Platform
Follow UjoMusic's blog at
  • Q1 Update
  • Pivoting architecture to be more inclusive of peers (uPort and others) who share the vision for an open music industry.
  • Drafting experimental designs in using tokenized models:
    • fostering standards-compliant metadata (eg COALA IP)
    • sharing said metadata (into IPFS/IPDB/Mediachain/Swarm)
    • making sure to re-use and define what is valid metadata
  • Exploring concepts such as continuous token models and curation communities with experiments rolling out soon!

uPort – Self-Sovereign Identity

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  • christianlundkvist: The “central registration” here would be on the blockchain. Basically your app would have its own uPort identity with associated public keys. We’ll have a tool available soon that will let you easily create a uPort identity for your app.

  • christianlundkvist: The revived Ropsten network has a lot of mining power behind it so should not be susceptible to attacks like the old one was. However we are also looking into the ability to support more than one network so you’ll soon be able to do testing on Kovan as well.

  • Rolling out a new version right now, next batch of invites coming shortly.
  • Welcome to the uPort team, @Alex_Edelstein

WeTrust – Trusted Lending Circles
  • WeTrust Interviews with Shawn Wilkison, CEO / CTO of Storj
  • With 10 days left, WeTrust has raised 822BTC/69,901ETH from 1250 Participants (59.59% of Cap Raised)
  • So what are Trustcoins?
    • george.wetrust: There will be a fixed amount of Trustcoin issued, and it represents the fees that are generated on the platform between parties and for premium services developed by WeTrust. The value of Trustcoin may depend upon the supply and demand for services offered on the platform we create, but is not a direct result of the effort required in building the platform itself. In that sense, participating in the crowdsale and acquiring Trustcoins in exchange for ETH/ BTC is similar to participating in a kickstarter for software, where one is able to use Trustcoins on future services that are offered by WeTrust and by other participants on the platform we are building.

  • Will WeTrust seek to be listed on any exchanges?
    • george.wetrust: While TRST is going to be ERC20 compliant, WeTrust is not engaging with any body regarding possible uses for TRST tokens after they’ve been distributed outside its own platform.


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  • ChaceHunter: Swarm, Status, Colony, WeTrust, ChronoBank, UjoMusic, Golem, MakerDAO
  • truewavebreak: ICONOMI, Golem, Augur, AKASHA, MelonPort
  • MrNebbiolo: uPort, Casper, FirstBlood, Digix
  • PΞther: Ethlance, SingularDTV
  • pablanopete: Brave (BasicAttentionToken), Giveth

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