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Updates on DApp and Protocol Development in the Ethereum Ecosystem (April 2-9)

AKASHA – Social Media Network Join the chat at

  • It is unlikely that Akasha will work with BATS anytime soon as they are trying to get away from advertising.
  • On light client implementation:
    • Mihai: “Basically it is working now, but we are waiting for geth 1.6.0 for stability improvements. We also have some really cool stuff coming.”

  • Last blog was on the 23rd of February. We look forward to the next one!

Augur – Prediction MarketJoin the chat at

BasicAttentionToken – Blockchain Based Digital Advertising

  • Reducing Digital Ad Fraud: A New Deal with BAT
    • Ad fraud is growing dramatically as no adequate solutions have appeared.The Basic Attention Token (BAT) seeks to radically reduce digital ad fraud, which is estimated to be $16B in 2017, according to a report released a few weeks ago by the World Federation of Advertisers. The sheer number of middlemen present in the ad-tech ecosystem inevitably creates entry points for fraud to flourish. Publishers do not accurately know what ads are programmatically served to their ad slots. All of this is part of what recently prompted P&G’s Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard to say: “The days of giving digital a pass are over. It’s time to grow up. It’s time for action.”

  • No update on crowdsale

Casper (Dev Channel) – Proof of Stake Protocol

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  • Vitalik temporarily shifted the theme of the room to “FC17 Trollbox” to discuss other cryptoeconomic schemes being discussed at the conference.
  • Vitalik’s conclusions (which I believe can also be applied to Dominic William’s deterministic threshold signatures):
    • “I seriously disagree with him right here because there is one piece of substantial work that he is asking users to do namey, stay online with the protocol as it stands I am seriously concerned that a whole bunch of users will be lazy, and it will frequently hit the >1/3 offline threshold.”

  • Vitalik, Vlad, Karl and Loi were together at the FC17 conference in Malta this week.
  • Potentially impactful update from Greg Meredith:
    • “My big update is that i have a proof sketch of an if and only if statement that consensus implies trace and trace implies consensus. (By trace here i mean trace in a traced monoidal category of the kind investigated by Abramsky, Haghverdi, and others.) I can now answer definitively and positively that a non-economic-based consensus can be transformed into a consensus based on slashing conditions.”

  • SIDH is “not too useful to us”
  • IC3 sharding research is unfortunately not a “real” sharding solution.
  • Note to Etherian readers: Please be courteous and do not chat in this channel unless you can discuss cryptoeconomics at the academic level of the rest of the room.

ChronoBank – Labour Hour Stable CoinsJoin the chat at

Colony – Decentralized Collaboration NetworkJoin the chat at

Digix – Asset (Gold) Backed TokensJoin the chat at

  • Blog Post Digix Dev Update — April 8th 2017.
  • kcchng: Hello yes things are moving, we will post an update this week. Short update currently: Chris fell sick over the weekend but he is back in force today and will provide an update on his progress on spectrum, while Anthony had to fly over to Berkeley for the Sunday workshop, dapphub guys are looking through our code.

  • kcchng: We are working with Yunbi / Gatecoin to come up with a solution where fees will remain. In a decentralized exchange it will also remain. Of course, a different exchange could try and remove the fees involved, but the act of depositing / withdrawal of tokens will also lead to txn fees. However, DGX is actually much more than just trading, it is making gold tokens useful in the ecosystem. So they will be used in payment processing (Debit card integration with Monolith, Onebit by TenX), lending and savings platforms (wetrust), ICOs (Reidao) – all these names mentioned here are active partnerships we have secured. It’ss application will be much wider than just trading, so as the ecosystem grows, dgx volume grows which will be beneficial to digixDAO.

  • Code audit will take 4-6 weeks and will begin on May 1st.
  • @whysos3rious will be looking through the code-base in addition to DappHub

Etherplay – The Transparent Skill Game PlatformJoin the chat at

  • Submitted a PR for Status to integrate our demo game
  • Had a blast presenting Etherplay at CoinfestUK
  • Continue working on a new game

Ethlance – Decentralized freelancing platform with 0% feeJoin the chat at

FirstBlood – Decentralized E-Sports Rewards PlatformJoin the chat at

  • Alpha unfortunately postponed due couple of critical bugs related to scaling
    • Dev team had marathon session of almost 24 hours trying to fix issue only to find themselves deeper in the rabbit hole
    • Bug crunching resumed in earnest over weekend
    • Despite bugs, platform working “really nicely”

Giveth – Crowd Funded Donation Dapp Join the chat at out the github at

  • Giveth CEO Griff Green helping anybody in need of help withdrawing DAO Funds. Click here for info.

Gnosis – Prediction MarketJoin the chat at

  • Anticipation for the GNO token sale reaching a fevered pitch: A short overview
    • 10 million GNO tokens
    • ETH-only Dutch-style auction begins April 24th at 12pm EST
    • Will continue until either $12.5M USD worth of Ether is collected, or 9 Million GNO tokens are sold
  • Website updated with roadmap and first version of whitepaper (PDF Link)
  • Team still deciding what to do with ‘unsold’ tokens remaining in cold storage after auction ends, but an “official statement what the company will do with the retained GNO tokens will follow in the next few days.”
  • Detailed Google Spreadsheet on the Gnosis Auction
  • /u/malefizer on Reddit wondering if a Gnosis Bidding Ring Would Work

Golem – Distributed Computing PowerJoin the chat at

ICONOMI – Digital Asset Management PlatformJoin the chat at

MakerDAO – Stable Token and Decentralized Marketplace

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  • Maker Meeting Notes 2017 April 2nd — Steemit
  • Great piece on Maker by Nick Tomaino(@nt): Stablecoins: A Holy Grail in Digital Currency
  • On SAI (simple DAI):
    • SAI (simple dai) is a CDP engine that supports a single collateral type and uses a special model for claiming the collateral which makes the system more simple and have higher liquidity, but also more reliant on the price feeds
    • it uses an asset called SKR to represent claims to the collateral in the event of a global settlement (so it isnt like MKR at all)
    • it will be possible to stop SAI at any time, in the event of a security issue or for other reasons, and then all SAI holders will be able to claim ETH directly at face value (unless the system is undercollateralized, in which case they get a haircut), and the leftover collateral goes to the CDP holders
    • SKR is received when one deposits ETH into the system and can be used as collateral

MelonPort – “Blockchain Software for Asset Management”Join the chat at

  • April 17th MeetUp in London
  • Video on Melonport protocol
  • Melonport gets new price feeds from Oraclize and CryptoCompare – ibtimes

Status – Mobile Ethereum OSJoin the chat at

Swarm – Serverless Hosting, Incentivised P2P Storage/Content Distribution

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  • Good week overall; everything went according to plan
  • PS for FUSE write-mode submitted
  • Viktor Tron working on 3rd Gen Syncer as the last phase of the network layer rewrite!

SingularDTV – Rights Management and Video On-Demand PortalJoin the chat at

  • SingularDTV Forms Ethereum Blockchain Lab CODEX
  • Zach LeBeau: “From time to time we are approached by various entities asking us to advise them on building their tokenized ecosystems. It’s been policy to turn these offers down so they don’t interfere with SingularDTV’s focus of building a decentralized entertainment industry. But on very rare occasions, an entity will come along with such a great idea and whose development ladder fits in perfectly with ours, while at the same time adding substantial value to SingularDTV. In these rare cases of synchronicity we feel obligated to form partnerships. CODEX is the place where these partnerships take place.”

  • Blogpost: Zach LeBeau: “Every creative person will have their own channel or brand on SingularDTV”

UjoMusic – Decentralized Music Platform

Follow UjoMusic's blog at

  • Q1 Update
  • Pivoting architecture to be more inclusive of peers (uPort and others) who share the vision for an open music industry.
  • Drafting experimental designs in using tokenized models:
    • fostering standards-compliant metadata (eg COALA IP)
    • sharing said metadata (into IPFS/IPDB/Mediachain/Swarm)
    • making sure to re-use and define what is valid metadata
  • Exploring concepts such as continuous token models and curation communities with experiments rolling out soon!

uPort – Self-Sovereign Identity

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  • Off-chain data-stores (user profiles) are not yet encrypted but this is planned to be added.
  • Recently added a new batch of testers, be patient if you have signed up but have not yet received an invite.
  • Truly an impressive amount of development going on, it appears as though uPort will be widely integrated based on the activity in the – Gitter channel.
  • Ability to sign with your fingerprint via a mobile device is in the latest version!

WeTrust – Trusted Lending CirclesJoin the chat at


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  • Big thanks to Joe Urgo for featuring us in his daily post, The Dapp Daily. He just posted this excellent Ethereum Reading List For Prospective Dapp Developers
  • Check out ethercast for a full list of dapps –


  • ChaceHunter: Swarm, Status, Colony, WeTrust, ChronoBank, UjoMusic, Golem, MakerDAO
  • truewavebreak: ICONOMI, Golem, Augur, AKASHA, MelonPort
  • MrNebbiolo: uPort, Casper, FirstBlood, Digix
  • PΞther: Ethlance, SingularDTV
  • pablanopete: Brave (BasicAttentionToken), Giveth


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