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(Coverage: 3.19.2017-3.26.2017)
AKASHA – Social Media Network
  • Hacklab in Romania with Vlad see picture.
  • Very quiet past couple of weeks, waiting for some more news.

Augur – Prediction Market

Casper (Dev Channel) – Proof of Stake Protocol

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  • Some discussion regarding Silvio Micali’s ALGORAND paper. The various contributers concluded that Micali makes unenforceable assumptions, yet his ideas on the new BA protocol are intriquing (one leader per epoch).
  • On the ‘old keys attack’:
    • [Vitalik Buterin] so, I was talking to toby (guy in singapore) today [Vitalik Buterin] and he pointed out that the buy up old keys attack is particularly credible because it can be fairly easily done through a smart contract

    • [Loi Luu] yeah thats possible

    • [Vitalik Buterin] the one idea I had is to replace the hard 4 month withdrawal period with a yield curve [Vitalik Buterin] so you get higher interest rates the longer the withdrawal periods you are willing to accept [Vitalik Buterin] this way you still get some anti-fork security if you log on less frequently

  • Paper on Concurrent Computation
  • The “validators continue a chain after they log out” Problem:
    • [Vitalik Buterin] @Yoichi @anyone else who cares: I came up with an interesting idea for solving the “validators continue a chain after they log out” problem [Vitalik Buterin] basically, add a fifth slashing condition [Vitalik Buterin] rules are simple: a validator gets slashed if they create a message with an epoch number during which they are not supposed to be active

    • [Loi Luu] how do you check this “ they are not supposed to be active”?

    • [Vitalik Buterin] in the state, you have a counter for “dynasty number after which the validator is supposed to withdraw”

  • Fork Choice Rule:
    • [Vitalik Buterin] so here is the best fork choice rule I can come up with so far: [Vitalik Buterin] 1. Start from genesis [Vitalik Buterin] 2. Look for a valid dynasty change. Repeat until no more found. [Vitalik Buterin] 3. Look for the descendant with 2/3 prepares and the most commits. Repeat until no more found. [Vitalik Buterin] 4. PoW

  • Log-In/Log-Out specifications still being thought-out.

ChronoBank – Labour Hour Stable Coins

“we are expecting legal docs draft to come through early next week. Test [Labour Hours] should be a week from there.” – @sergei.chronobank

Colony – Decentralized Collaboration Network

“We’ve finished our final sprint with beta features and now we’re doing product testing before we begin the closed beta (~10 users). It depends somewhat on our QA testing, but soon!” – @collin

  • Is there a GitHub for Colony?

“Not at the moment, but we’ll be sharing our white paper soon and after that are planning on open sourcing our ethereum code” -@collin

Digix – Asset (Gold) Backed Tokens

Ethlance – Decentralized freelancing platform with 0% fee
  • Soon to implement an awesome new feature allowing third-parties to subsidy the jobs posted
  • Working on a whitepaper and possibly planning a crowdsale (don’t worry, fees will stay at 0%)

FirstBlood – Decentralized E-Sports Rewards Platform


  • Auryn Macmillan regarding “Round Project”: “please don’t advertise that project here. At best it appears to be ill-conceived and blatantly plagiarises the FirstBlood whitepaper, at worst (more than likely) it is just a flat out scam.”
  • Auryn Macmillan regarding the lack of an updated timeline: “Let me have a chat with the team about this. We’ve been somewhat deliberate about not setting any more specific dates as we believe it is more important to make the product right than pump it out to make an artificial deadline.”

Gnosis – Prediction Market
  • Best guess for Gnosis token auction is end of April/early May
  • Seeking guest authors for blog
  • Gnosis ICO maximum planned to be set to $12.5M
  • Great questions by user @gubbings with follow up by Gnosis founder @mkoppelmann: “Assume I created a sports betting app for gnosis. Noone else can lay in my market, its company branded. I make the market to 115%. Thereby with good volume I should turn a profit. Do I pay the ~1% fee on my max liability in the market, my (any) profit overall, my profit on every winning contract, or some other method?”

Currently we are planing to have a 0.5% fee on the max liability.

  • “How does my account balance reflect my max market exposures? Will it update to reflect reduced exposures as bets are taken in markets?”

of course. We aim to to this even much better than betting exchanges today by decomposing market outcomes.

  • “why expose stabletokens to end users? Why not let them use their home fiat currency? I understand tokens are required to make the contracts work and guess a hidden currency exchange to stabletokens wd be required at time of deposit and withdrawal, but surely chances of wide adoption are improved by not taking users out of their comfort zone?”

we expect that most users “home fiat currency” will be available as tokens on the blockchain. Could be as something like the Santander $ (fiat backed) or with some stable coin mechanism with other crypto tokens as collateral (StabL or DAI)
So – yes – we expect that a user does not even need to know that they use crypto$/€ whatever – like you today do not necessarily realise that the $ on bank X is different than a $ on bank Y

  • “can you provide a general idea of what operating territories are planned at launch and down the line? How is regulatory progress coming along?”

work in progress – we are talking to regulators/ law firms in different jurisdictions including Gibraltar (where Gnosis company will be based, Antigua, Malta, and more)

Golem – Distributed Computing Power
  • Progress on Golem’s UX (blog)
  • Currently the primary focus is still to make the installation “as smooth as possible”.
  • Julian says that they “want” to launch Brass in May but do not want to be tied to a date.

ICONOMI – Digital Asset Management Platform
  • Beta invites are sent once every 24 or 48 hours.
  • Last update on the unofficial news site was 2nd of March.

MakerDAO – Stable Token and Decentralized MarketplaceJoin the chat at
  • Whitepaper Revision released with subsequent analysis and thoughtful critique in preparation to send to lawyers
  • On best way to get MKR:

“the highest bids on the Oasis exchange are routinely filled with MKR from the development fund”

  • Changes to Incentive Mechanics and scope of MKR power in last year:
    • the sensitivity of the automatic target price controller
    • the list of trusted price feed oracles
    • the parameters of each CDP type (i.e. debt ceiling, token address, stability fee, liquidation ratio, liquidation penalty)
  • TeamSpeak Meeting here Sunday March 26 at 16:00 UTC to discuss some major upgrades to simplecoin

MelonPort – “Blockchain Software for Asset Management”
  • MelonPort is wanting to hire a new smart contract dev, see here for details.
  • Will be presenting at Battle of the Quants on the 28th
  • Meetup planned on the 4th of april.

Status – Mobile Ethereum OS

“it’s important to us that it solves a real problem. Ultimately we’d like to see supporters of the project steer the development and governance of Status, while creating mechanisms for growth – easier said that done, but we have some interesting ideas we’ll share next month :)” – @carl (Status co-Founder)

  • Chatbot library in development with Q2 release
  • @michaelcook of cookicons stopped by to show off some Status icons he’s been working on

Swarm – Serverless Hosting, Incentivised P2P Storage/Content Distribution

Join the chat at

  • Lots of behind the scenes work and preparations to discuss the swarm roadmap and scheduling the first sprint in the coming weeks

SingularDTV – Rights Management and Video On-Demand Portal
  • Quiet as ever, they are diligently working towards the module 1 release
  • Follow them on Medium folks, there will be some major announcements soon

UjoMusic – Decentralized Music PlatformFollow UjoMusic's blog at
  • Q1 Update
  • Pivoting architecture to be more inclusive of peers (uPort and others) who share the vision for an open music industry.
  • Drafting experimental designs in using tokenized models:
    • fostering standards-compliant metadata (eg COALA IP)
    • sharing said metadata (into IPFS/IPDB/Mediachain/Swarm)
    • making sure to re-use and define what is valid metadata
  • Exploring concepts such as continuous token models and curation communities with experiments rolling out soon!

uPort – Self-Sovereign Identity

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  • Continued Dev Q&A
  • Ropsten is back!
  • “Red is to flag that there is only 1 credential which might expire. Green signals 2+ credentials.”–thessy mehrain
  • “The problems with mobile registration and our messaging server should now be fixed.” — Pelle Braendgaard
  • Method for users to sign data to be updated soon.

WeTrust – Trusted Lending Circles
  • WeTrust Crowdsale Update
    • Some users still unhappy with response and their contributions not being calculated at the same rate as WeTrust

    “First day participants were priced at BTC, WT team gets 20MM coins get priced at ICO close date, or vesting schedule, who knows. Pegging to BTC and distribution method was not announced until 15 days into the ICO (sort of like taking an option on ETH @ron). 91.7% (304) of ethereum investors participated on day one and have collectively lost about $1,493,326 due to ETH increase. If you assume worse case for BTC participants have benefitted about $64,032 due to BTC price decrease. 71% of participants contributed Ether representing 80.7% of the total value so far in USD terms. And if you believe that hiring developers will ultimately require fiat it’s a windfall of $1.5MM for WeTrust from day one investors.” – @ncavet, WeTrust investor

  • WeTrust amongst 6 finalists for Blockchain Oscar Startup Competition


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  • truewavebreak: ICONOMI, Golem, Augur, AKASHA, MelonPort
  • MrNebbiolo: uPort, Casper, FirstBlood, Digix
  • PΞther: Ethlance, SingularDTV

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