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Weekly Update 3.05.2017-3.12.2017

AKASHA – Social Media Network

  • Reddit Post: AKASHA newest release (0.5.2) and a quick update
  • Akasha 0.5.2 – Major bugs fixed.
  • Planning talks regarding possible collaboration with Status, uPort and SWARM.
  • Code “refactoring” started as well as Light client development.
  • Productive talks with Vitalik and Vlad.

AugurPrediction Market

  • Discussions regarding future marketing, targeted at prediction market creators in hopes they will in turn promote their created markets.
  • Augur Dev speaks at MIT Bitcoin Expo, see video.
  • QR codes can be used for deposit address.

Casper (Dev Channel) – Proof of Stake Protocol

  • Still discussing the relationship between slashing conditions, consensus, and finalization of blocks.
  • One way Casper differs from other bft protocols:
    “[Vitalik Buterin] or more specifically, there’s no strict requirement for a block’s parent to be finalized before that block can be created
    [Loi Luu] Right
    [Loi Luu] Here its different from tendermint or related bft protocols where the consensus messages can be transferred offline, and the block is only created if it has enough signatures
    [Loi Luu] So a block can be finalised at creation
    [Vitalik Buterin] right, here views and sequence numbers are interwoven”

ChronoBank – Labour Hour Stable Coins

Colony – Decentralized Collaboration Network

  • $5000 giveaway in design, development and strategy for one (1) Social Change Organization. Any organization making the world a better place can apply.
  • Call for contributors to CollectiveOne: a method and platform to develop open, decentralized and collaborative projects: projects to which anyone can, potentially, contribute, and which are collectively owned and self-governed by their contributors in proportion to the value of their contributions. A prototype is already online with hopes to one day migrate to Colony and Ethereum.

Digix – Asset (Gold) Backed Tokens

Ethlance – Decentralized freelancing platform with 0% fee

FirstBlood – Decentralized E-Sports Rewards Platform

Golem – Distributed Computing Power

  • Blog Post: On the Road to Brass
  • Golem seeks public bullhorn for decentralized distributed computing, see reddit post.
  • Little updates given on slack and some people are starting to complain.

ICONOMI – Digital Asset Management Platform
News Channel:

  • ICN teams held a presentation at Coinagenda.
  • A meetup was held in Munich, Germany on the 7th of March.
  • ICN co-founders thoughts on BTC ETF pre results, see article.

Melon Port – “Blockchain Software for Asset Management”

  • News Article: Tech Announcer
  • Melon Port 1 of 10 to collaborate on the testnet Kovan.
  • MLN tokens will become tradeable on 15th March.
  • Meetup starting in London on 20th March, more meetups to come.
  • The DAPP Review covers MelonPort see video.
  • Status interview.

Status – Mobile Ethereum OS

Swarm – Serverless Hosting, Incentivised P2P Storage/Content Distribution

SingularDTV – Rights Management and Video On-Demand Portal

uPort – Self-Sovereign Identity

  • “1) we will have more working/complete examples for issuing claims soon 2) yes typically your app/server will have an uPort identity, 3) and we are currently working on tooling to make these app identities easy to mange.”–Zach Ferland
  • “We are are releasing a tool very shortly to allow you to create an app identity (really a uport for your app). Your approach looks correct. However you need to a uport registry entry for the app, which is what our tool basically does.
    If you can wait a week or so we should be able to get you going easily. The ropsten issues have delayed the launch of this a bit.”–Pelle Braendgaard
  • Re: using Chasqui–“the reliance on Chasqui is for UX reasons when interacting with a desktop browser. In the future we expect more and more interactions with dapps to be done through a mobile browser and/or native apps, where the Chasqui server technically is not needed.”–Christian Lundkvist
  • Still no solution to Ropsten delays, but the team is working on it.

WeTrust – Trusted Lending Circles

  • Blog Post: Team Spotlight | Tom Nash
  • On delayed Bitcoin transfers: “[A]ny confirmed transactions that don’t show up on the dashboard, will be credited with the bonus they were in line for at the time of the confirmation. [A]ny unconfirmed transactions won’t be credited with bonus until they are confirmed.” -@tomnash
  • Discussion on the balance between Negative Expected Value vs. Positive Expected Utility.
  • wanting to add TRST after ICO.
  • WeTrust to have four deterrents to thwart bad actors: Reputation Risk/Reviews, Legal Risk, Collateral Risk, Smart Contract Bounty (Self-Enforcement). Participants can opt-in to different levels of security. Currently working on implementing Legal Risk and Collateral Risk.
  • 0.3% of smart contract fees go to WeTrust (may be lowered depending on number of participants).


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