The Etherian Weekly Slack/Gitter Update: 3.12.2017-3.19.2017



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Weekly Update 3.12.2017-3.19.2017

AKASHA – Social Media Network

  • Beware, someone is trying to impersonate Akasha – source.

AugurPrediction Market

Casper (Dev Channel) – Proof of Stake Protocol

ChronoBank – Labour Hour Stable Coins

Colony – Decentralized Collaboration Network

  • Beta still a few weeks away
  • “there will be a veritable torrent of information forthcoming in the next few months.” – @jack (Co-founder)

Digix – Asset (Gold) Backed Tokens

  • Blog Post: Digix Update — Mar 17th 2017
  • DGD carbon-vote to be held to determine what to do with DigixDao ETC.
  • Even more competition: OZcoinGold
    • Good graphic from rcmcnevin comparin the OZcoinGold and Digix Proof of Asset mechanisms.  (Updated graphic from KC Chng re: Digix)
    • KC Chng on competition: “Other companies that claim that they are “competing” in the same space do not even have a working testnet to test their code. So the hype of a competitor is unfounded at this point imho.”
  • Users cannot redeem DGX for gold bullion unless KYC’d.
  • “Just to add on the discussion for our paper, seems like a few people told me that it is too “simple”, and perhaps we should allow fundraising in eth, and suggested features etc. We *intentionally*  designed it to be simple. It should be seen from our Whitepaper which we hope is understandable even for people with minimum knowledge of Ethereum.”–Darvink

Ethlance – Decentralized freelancing platform with 0% fee

  • Ethlance is included in the newest Status release.
  • Ethlance tutorial videos.
  • Email notifications can now be controlled via preferences.
  • Dev update.

FirstBlood – Decentralized E-Sports Rewards Platform

  • Timeline in the whitepaper is no longer correct, the new one is yet to be determined.

GolemDistributed Computing Power

  • Julian – “we will be have updates for you soon”.
  • Still waiting for more candidates for the PR job 1 person has already been chosen but there could be more PR positions coming available.
  • Work is being done on the installers for Golem which is seen as key for its success.

ICONOMI – Digital Asset Management Platform

  • Users that applied for the beta testing program will be added first, then investors based on the ICO investment and then everybody else.
  • Phone Verification has been added to the beta version to prove you are “Human” and not spammer.
  • “Assets as of now will be stored in a 3 level cold storage and for sure won’t be kept at exchanges”.

Melon Port – “Blockchain Software for Asset Management”

  • Tokens are now transferable, user guide.
  • Token is tradable on Kraken.
  • Price feed module is live on the testnet.
  • Paid internship available to the right candidates.
  • Melon port Sponsored the Ethereum London Meetup.
  • Meetup planned for the 20th
  • Work underway to update documentation on wiki.

Status – Mobile Ethereum OS

Swarm – Serverless Hosting, Incentivised P2P Storage/Content Distribution

SingularDTV – Rights Management and Video On-Demand Portal

uPort – Self-Sovereign Identity

  • Testing progresses, lots of questions being answered regarding code but nothing new.

WeTrust – Trusted Lending Circles

  • Questions on whether early investors receive TRST proportional to subsequent rise in ETH price ala dividends. “As for dividends, we cannot issue them, however we will explore viability of other options such as burning certain amount of tokens that are received via fees. If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Also feel free to email… We’re going to take some time and speak with our advisors and escrow partners to determine next steps. Again I hear where people are coming from and thank you for your support. Let us work out a solution that is fair.” – @george.wetrust
  • “We are consulting with our escrows and will have an answer by Monday. Thank you for the patience as we figure this out.” -@ron (CTO of WeTrust)
  • An Interview with Michael Casey, WeTrust Fintech Advisor
  • Blockchain Community comes together for WeTrust Charity Circle
  • Using the Lending Circle as a framework for buying shared resources and charity


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