The LTC Havlvenings 2015 and 2019



The LTC Havlvening is Nearly Here

The LTC halvening (the date on which the block reward for miners is cut in half) is less than two months away.

You can see a LTC halvening countdown here.

During the last halvening the price of LTC ran up a good bit against, but corrected before the actual halvening (as you can see in the header image).

This time we are again seeing a run up. No one knows how far LTC can go or how much it will correct after (if at all), but it is good to remember history a bit to understand what is happening now.

Also keep in mind that what happens with LTC could forshadow BTC’s own havlening in 2020.  See the BTC halvening clock.

TIP: See a price chart with the LTC halvenings on it. Please note that while the BTC value of LTC dropped considerably after the halvening, the USD value did not.

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